EXAPSYS  (EXAscale  Performance  SYStems)  plc  is  a  start-up  company  affiliated  to  FORTH  and  Synelixis  Solutions  SA,  focusing  purely  on  HPC  systems and applications. The HPC and Embedded Systems group    of    Synelixis    has    moved    to    EXAPSYS  while  all  the  Synelixis  IP  from  the  HEAP,  FASTER,  COSSIM,  EXTRA,  ECOSCALE  and EuroEXA EU projects, among others, has been transferred to EXAPSYS; similarly, EXAPSYS will be able to use engineers and know-how from FORTH in these areas, and the plan also includes results of FORTH from the ExaNeSt, ExaNoDe, and EuroEXA projects. The aim of EXAPSYS is to develop highly parallel innovative heterogeneous systems as well as novel HPC applications meeting real industrial needs. Based on the large experience of the research and development team, EXAPSYS targets to:

  1. improve   the   performance   and   energy   of   next-generation   supercomputers   by   prototyping,  simulating  and  evaluating  heterogeneous  architectures  and  network  topologies
  2. develop  efficient  HPC  applications  incorporating  its  novel  Deep  and  Recurrent  Learning tools and methodologies and taking full advantage of the capabilities of the next generation HPC systems.

Within eProcessor EXAPSYS  will  provide  a  simulator  of  the  processor  based  on  GEM5  before  it  is  emulated  on  the  FPGA and work with the developers of the FPGA emulation as well as the RTL developers so as to provide  to  them  any  required  traces.  EXAPSYS  will  also  provide  a  system-level  simulation  of  systems  consisting  of  thousands  of  the  new  nodes  interconnected  together,  based  on  the  COSSIM  system   simulation   already   developed   by   EXAPSYS.   Finally   EXAPSYS   will   be   the   WP2   (Dissemination and Exploitation) Leader.