FORTH is a major research centre in Greece; it has 1500 people, it has excelled in all national evaluations so far, and it is internationally acknowledged for its excellence in basic and applied research, in developing applications and products, and in providing services. The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of FORTH, with its 36-year history, has 500 people in 8 Laboratories. Contributions to eProcessor come from the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems (CARV) Laboratory of FORTH-ICS, with its 80 people and its 34-year history that includes the design, implementation, and test of dozens of innovative FPGA, ASIC, Board, and System Software prototypes. CARV is actively collaborating with Industry on real systems and products due to its expertise and track record on addressing problems in real systems.

Main tasks attributed in the project:

FORTH will contribute to key technologies of the eProcessor project, including a Runtime Configurable L2 Cache/Scratchpad memory, an IOMMU hardware IP block for RISC-V based systems and the associated operating system support, Linux OS and driver support for the eProcessor chips, and FPGA emulated designs of the eProcessor chip suitable for hardware validation and system software development.